When this homeowner was building his new home, he knew they wanted a showstopping backyard pool to be a part of the project. Having thoroughly done his homework, he came to Vaughan Pools to make their strong design vision become a reality. 

Since both the home and pool were under construction at the same time, the team was able to easily coordinate with all the builders and tradesmen. Ensuring that everything from the plumbing, electrical, concrete and landscaping work were all in place and in the proper order for the final pool project helped make the entire build run more efficiently.

The 52-foot pool is extra-long to allow for multiple features and entertainment areas. The long stretch of the open pool area is perfect for family and guests to swim and play games. Then, in about the middle of the pool, the floor steps up to just below the water’s surface, to create a lounging deck. This wide, shallow area of the pool allows you to sit, converse, relax, and cool off—without venturing all the way into the water.

On the far end of the pool, closest to the clubhouse is an entertainment area with swim up granite bar stools and table. The dark, marbled granite has a movement that complements the ripples of the water’s surface. Facing the large TV over the clubhouse fireplace, this in-pool seating area completes a backyard resort setting. Food and drinks can be served to guests while never missing a minute of the big game or getting out of the swimming pool.

Aside from the entertainment possibilities, this pool is packed with little details that both wow and make maintenance a breeze. Underwater, the pool has a smooth granite pebble finish, with diamond detailing around the ledges. The light granite contrasts with a dark blue tile lining the edge. The entire pool is surrounded by pavers which were laid over concrete. They flow seamlessly into the rest of the home’s backyard design.

Built into the decking, laminar jets with LEDs produce clear or lighted arcs of water that silently enter the pool. A choice of festive color shows enables the homeowner to create a breathtaking nighttime light display.

Ground source heating allows this pool to open earlier and close later than most, giving these homeowners maximum usage of the new space. On especially warm days, a fog machine helps further cool the area, providing nearly 10 degrees of cooling when in use.

Built to be self-cleaning, the equipment is all hidden under the clubhouse. When it does come time to close the pool, an automatic cover can be activated at the touch of a button. In fact, all the electrical features—the jets, lighting and fog machine—can be controlled from the homeowner’s phone!

Now, this homeowner has the ultimate resort-like pool retreat right in their backyard. Day or evening, they and their guests can kick back and relax in the pool with cocktails in hand.


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