Splashing! Running!
Jumping! Swinging! Sliding!
Climbing! Playing!

You can’t help but smile walking into Jefferson City’s newest, coolest play area – suitably named, Community Park. You are welcomed by two custom-made flower sculptures greeting you at the entrance. The expanse of green turf (faux grass) quickly provides a feeling of tranquility. According to many psychologists, the color green can provide us balance while soothing our emotions. Who couldn’t use a little ‘green’ in their life right about now?

The 3.5 acre park provides plenty of room for everyone to spread out in a socially-distanced way. When the time is right, you’ll also find sufficient space under the covered pavilion to celebrate a birthday or other special occasion. Community Park is conveniently located downtown, a block south of Dunklin Street, just across from Lincoln University.

When the park opened in July, the “sprayground” became an immediate hit. What a fun way to cool off in the Missouri heat before grabbing some lunch or hitting up the local ice cream shop on your way home. You’ll want to make sure the swimsuits are packed, however. ‘I’ll just run through it once’ may not be an accurate statement, and you’ll wish you were better prepared for the water play.

You won’t find bulky plastic structures or gobs of concrete at this park. The modern pyramid structure with a towering metal slide is the focal point of the park and a sight to see. It will make even the bravest of explorers hesitate. Once they’ve conquered it for the first time, however, you better secure a bench as you’ll be there a while.

If the pyramid isn’t enough to get your youngster’s adrenaline going, why not go for a speedy ride on one of the two zip lines? Kiddos can race their friends before running off to the swings or tackling the rope obstacle course. No matter your age or size, everyone will surely find something to suit their interests. The tiniest of humans will enjoy a tike-sized rolling hill, slick metal slide and play structures to explore.

Meanwhile, you’ll find adults gathered under the shade of the pavilion seated at modern tables outfitted with checkerboards or on benches along the park’s perimeter. The park is beautifully designed and surrounded by plenty of lush, wooded areas to enjoy. Down below the ravine flanking the east side of the park, the Jefferson City Greenway Trail snakes along the valley where many escape for exercise. On occasion, you’ll also find parents on the pyramid structure, likely proving to their children (or themselves!) that they are brave enough to conquer the intimidating structure above.

If you haven’t had a chance to see Community Park, do yourself a favor and plan a visit. We think you’ll agree that this is a wonderful investment for the community and will be enjoyed for generations. Please take note of all the sponsors via the tribute stonework at the entrance of the park. This fun place to play wouldn’t be possible without their generous contributions. Make sure you bring your friends and neighbors but please heed this warning—Jefferson City’s Community Park will have many nearby communities green with envy.