Vast open concept rooms are extremely popular. So, you’ve designed your home to be open concept; now how do you make it look like the homes on TV? Tall ceilings combined with the absence of walls, certainly gives that AH HA moment, but now how do you define the spaces. Large family rooms need a sense of continuity, which can be created by using similar themes, accent colors and or fabrics to unify the space and bring balance to the design.

Decorating a large family room can feel daunting because the lack of walls means you have to get creative in what you use to define the space. Furnishings, accent wall colors or area rugs can create a sense of separation and enhance the flow of how the home is used. Ask yourself how will you use the space? How many people does it need to accommodate and what will they be doing? Is it a casual or more formal space?

Furnishings can create obvious zones to create the illusion of separation and make the space purposeful. Comfortable durable upholstered furniture is a popular choice for relaxing in front of the fire or binge-watching your favorite shows. Comfort is key! Avoid lining the walls with your furnishings. Instead, pull them into the center of the room to create a conversation area. Use an area rug to ground the space. Then take the opportunity to nestle a favorite chair into a corner to create an intimate reading nook. The popular farmhouse aesthetic is on-trend, blending perfectly with a more clutter-free and simple style. Use fewer pieces, but make sure they make a big impact. For example, something unexpected and unique like an architectural salvage piece will make a statement.

Dining areas are easily defined by your table and chairs. The shape of your table is an important consideration. If you have a large family and entertain often, you will maximize seating with a table that can be expanded. Round, oval or rectangle the dimensions of your space will dictate what works best. For instance, a round table tends to encourage closeness and conversation. Engaging with people at a round table is easier. Everyone can see and hear one another. A rectangular table is a traditional choice which will accommodate a crowd. To make it more of a modern choice, choose a narrower table. You will bring people closer together, and it still allows for shared dishes in the middle of the table. Square tables are a more contemporary choice, but you need a large space in order to accommodate them. The perfect way to set the tone of your dining area is with an area rug. Color, texture, patterns…area rugs are the perfect way to warm up a space and set the style and color tones to be repeated in accent pieces in the surrounding spaces.

Lighting is extremely important in large rooms with tall ceilings. LED fixtures provide energy efficiency, as well as offering reliable illumination overhead for years to come. No one wants to climb the tall ladders necessary to change those bulbs any more often than absolutely necessary! Ceiling fans are also useful in circulating the air in these larger rooms. For a more intimate lighting source, lamps and wall sconces add a more subtle glow. They also are a design opportunity. Lighting fixtures become the perfect accessory to enhance your design. From wood, metal and rustic styles to modern chrome and fabric shades, the right fixture can make your room.

Color impact. Tall spaces, make choosing color even more challenging. Wide-open spaces often are coated in lighter colors which serve as a neutral backdrop. Greys are still a popular choice. You can add personality and charm with complementary hues that you can pull out of an inspiration piece. Accent fabrics, rugs or artwork are the perfect place to look for just the right colors to repeat throughout your design. Consider creating a focal wall with a contrasting color or deeper shade. This will create a powerful impact in your room.

These Great Rooms are an opportunity to serve as a Great Space to mingle with guests or cozy up with family. Colors, architecture and personal style blend to create a room which offers exceptional livability. Be sure to use local design professionals as a valuable resource. They are available at local retailers who offer a great selection of furnishings and accessories, but most importantly they can be a wealth of knowledge in narrowing down your choices. Share your plans with them. Consider their advice and proceed with disciplined choices to create a stunning result.

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