Design trends are ever evolving, shifting and changing. In recent years, we’ve become accustomed to lots of bright white with contrasting dark worn wood accents and grey details. While those things are classic, we are starting to see things trend more in a colorful, textured way. It’s an intriguing time in interior design, and we’re excited to see how things continue to change. If you’re considering a remodel or just a décor refresh, here are some of the most popular interior design trends we’re seeing right now.

Combining colors, patterns, and textures in a thoughtful way. Textures are a fantastic tool for adding interest to any space and keep it up to date with the styles of today. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns and colors. With enough neutral space between and around, these combinations make your space feel inviting and comfortable.

Natural materials, plants and fabrics are a great way to soften the look of any space. Bringing a bit of the outside in is very on trend right now, and natural fabrics and woven pieces mixed with live plants are a simple way to achieve this earth-friendly look.

Pops of color from vintage accessories are becoming more popular and add so much personality and whimsy to your home. These can range from the art on the walls, the upholstery on an accent chair, signage, or even trinkets and books used to add interest to your space. That funky vintage piece that you couldn’t say no to at a thrift shop may just be the perfect pop of spice that your space needs.

Combining modern and traditional elements is a good way to keep your rooms looking classic, but not outdated. There are more and more sources for interesting wall coverings and textiles all the time. Mixing these elements with traditional ones adds personality to a space without making them look too chaotic or over the top. 

Clean lines accented with texture can take even a large minimalist space and make it feel cozy and comfortable. Scandinavian-chic styled furniture perched on top of a bubbly, textured rug can take a space from stark and rigid to homey and warm. Adding some plants will warm the space up even more, with their irregular lines and asymmetrical style. Embrace the curves with the straight lines and watch your room transform!

Built-in shelving and cabinetry are making a comeback in a huge way. Once a staple of home design, this trend fell out of fashion for a few decades but is now exploding back onto the scene. Gone are the days of spindly bookshelves; we are squarely back in a time where shelving is purposely built into the design of the room. 

Traditional details are on their way back to the forefront of home interiors. These traditional Americana touches are especially enjoyed when carefully combined with modern and rustic designs. Mixing old and new is very much en vogue today, so dig that buffet grandma gave you years ago out of the garage and put its classic lines to work for your trendy décor.