Kitchens are no longer just for cooking. We gather family and host friends, have important discussions and simply hang out. Kitchens are often the heart of any home. So, why shouldn’t it look great while also serving all your needs? Here are our tips to keep your kitchen functional and organized.


Maximize Storage

“I have too much storage,” said nobody ever. Since kitchens are not always arranged in a straight line, there’s often dead space. Make the most of corner cabinets and other unused areas with pullout shelves, Lazy Susans or wire shelves on tracks. Use these nifty storage solutions to gain access to otherwise wasted space, where you can keep large pots and pans, small appliances and other bulky items. They tuck into cabinets nicely and provide easy access when needed, helping to create a more organized kitchen.


Think Outside the Cabinet

Try utilizing a wall for added storage of everyday items. These can be hung from hooks, baskets or floating shelves for easy access. This is great for kitchens of any size and the customizable layout options are endless. Plus, this can be great way to show off decorative tilework or bricks that otherwise might be covered by bulky cabinets.


Gone But Not Forgotten

First impressions are made when you walk into a kitchen, so keep those countertops clear. It makes a huge difference when you don’t see rows of appliances on the counters, and it also frees up space for prep work when cooking or baking. Consider an appliance garage or maximize corner cabinet space with a two-tiered carousel to keep both often-used and rarely used items tucked away but within easy reach.


Island Life

Everyone gathers in the kitchen, so plan for it! Especially if formal dining isn’t always your thing, add a kitchen island using modular cabinetry and a durable countertop with additional seating. It’ll keep you in the middle of the action while also giving everyone else a place to gather round.


Everything in Place

The French have the phrase “mise en place,” which means “everything in place.” Whether it’s kitchen utensils or spices, thoughtful storage planning can put everyday items neatly near where they’re used most, and even encourage you to put everything back in its place after each use.


Spice it Up

Every cook has their go-to spices, but that doesn’t mean that they always have to be on display. Fill a designated drawer with spice inserts or utilize that sliver of space next to your oven for an easy way to keep these cooking essentials handy. Gone are the wasteful days of three jars of oregano because you couldn’t see your supply all at once.


Light it Up

From cooking to cleaning, good kitchen lighting can make a huge difference. While natural light is always nice, mounting undercabinet lights will help you find what you need, especially at night. Now, you can even add LED light strips to the inside of your cabinets and drawers.


Continuity is Key

As open floor plans become more and more popular, kitchens often can be seen from the rest of the living area. Designing your kitchen with appliances covered in integrated doors that match your cabinetry is an easy and smart way to get a cohesive, complete kitchen. It is just as functional, but blends in nicely when closed, creating a continuous, clean look throughout your space without breaking up the visual flow.