When asked about the beautiful and oversized pool, the owner shared that they went larger than your average backyard pool for a few reasons. The homeowners wanted to ensure plenty of space to accommodate large family or social events with multiple swimmers, safely. The goal was fun and function. The 30 by 60-foot space features a tanning ledge, two lap lanes, volleyball court, slide, diving board and covered grotto complete with waterfall. There is a wireless controller for pool lights, waterfall, bubblers, landscape lighting and slide for added convenience. 

 The homeowners knew this would likely be a once in a lifetime project and when they do something, they intend to do it right the first time! When doing research in preparation for this project, the most common regrets they heard reported were too small of a pool or too small of an entertainment area surrounding the pool. They took this to heart when creating the plan for the pool itself and the cement patio surrounding it.

 They chose a vinyl liner pool because it allows them to change the look somewhat inexpensively when they are ready for a new style. Liner pools also require less maintenance and cost less than other varieties. It’s a product more familiar to local pool installers as well. Their method was to compare the cost for the most basic features and assess if the upgrade was worth the splurge. They often found the increase in price wasn’t much of a step up, but there were certainly upgrades deserving of a slightly higher price tag.

 The homeowners chose a chlorine pool and highly recommend an upgraded bio shield UV sanitizing light which reduces cost and usage of chemicals. The quality of the pool vacuum is important too. The owner affirmed, “The addition of a premium pool vacuum is a game changer!”

 As for the building process, the owner was thrilled with the contractors they hired to make their pool dreams come true! Will at Boulder Creek Lawn & Landscape was pointed out as “especially patient” with adjustments made to the hardscape and landscape plans throughout the process. They were in very experienced hands, hiring Pools Made Possible. With 20+ year in the industry, they know how to avoid problems before they arise.

 David with David Brandon Home & Design was tasked with making this fun and functional space beautiful and welcoming. Who needs a stuffy dining room when you can enjoy your meal in style, poolside? He worked around previously purchased furniture, selecting final décor elements to give the patio space an elegant, yet relaxing feel.

The owners are particularly pleased with the custom stone fireplace. It started as a small firepit idea and evolved into a gorgeous focal point thanks to the foresight and determination of the team at Boulder Creek Lawn & Landscape. This also makes the backyard retreat functional in the evenings and into the cooler months. Overall, their goal to create a resort-like backyard was achieved. The best part is the memories that have and will continue to be made here. “The memories of time with friends, family and fun in the sun are what we hope will linger in the hearts of our children when they are older.” 


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